Diamond Trio


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Diamond Trio Slot

It’s very easy to misunderstand the title of a slot game as being something it’s not. When we first saw the words, ‘Diamond Trio’, we thought it was going to be another generic online video slot. We thought that the reels would feature icons of gemstones and jewels and have a generic soundtrack in it. However, it’s not that way at all. Instead, Diamond Trio tells the story of three deadly female assassins. It’s sort of like a knock off of Charlie’s Angels, but without Charlie. That being the case, you’ll find yourself accompanying them on one of their missions. It’s up to you to read through the Top Secret files in order to discover where you need to go to next. And when you get there, you’ll have to do all that you can to retrieve the stolen diamonds. Now, just a quick note about the soundtrack in the game – this is not really something that it contains. Instead, players will only hear generic sounds whenever the reels spin and when a win forms.