Dr Enlarge-O


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Dr Enlarge-O Slot

A game with the title of Dr Enlarge-O can invoke all kinds of imagery in a person’s head. However, this game is not about what you’d be instantly thinking. Instead, it takes you into the scientific laboratory of a crazy doctor. He’s working tirelessly to formulate a compound which will help him enlarge things to twice their size. And once he fully masters the science behind it, he aims to sell it to the world. Therefore, he’ll become known worldwide for such a feat, whilst also raking in tons of money. It’s your job to help him complete the compound, and in the process win your own fair share of cash. Fortunately, you don’t need to have a scientific mind to assist Dr Enlarge-O. Instead, you simply need to spin the reels of this slot game to rake in the big bucks. And due to it being one of the more recent Novomatic releases, it contains some strong quality graphics. Therefore, you’ll not only have an intriguing theme behind it, but a visually appealing game at the same time!