Dragon’s Deep


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Dragon’s Deep Slot

Who doesn’t love an online slot game with a fantasy theme behind it? Dragons and elves and dwarves and the like. It presents such an imaginary world to take you away from the realities of every day life. Dragon’s Deep from Novomatic is able to offer just that. An escape. It tells the tale of a pack of dwarves who are uniting together to go and tackle the ferocious dragon. It threatens to unleash a horde of dragons on to their village, and it’s already laid a huge egg to do so. You need to join them on their crusade towards defeating the dragon once and for all. Everything within this game is very visually pleasing, featuring high quality graphics and gameplay. It’s extremely lack of Novomatic to expect players to bypass the soundtrack though. Rather than incorporate something which is appropriate for its theme, the developer has gone for an arcade sound. This plays every time you spin the reels and is exceptionally distracting.