Fruit Smasher


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Fruit Smasher Slot

If you’re a regular slot gamer, you will find that the title of this one could be quite disconcerting. Anything that revolves around fruit is usually quite a carbon copy of many other slots that have come before it. However, Fruit Smasher actually takes this in a whole new direction. “How?”, you might ask. Well, did you ever see square-shaped fruit before? The game basically tells the story of a factory worker, who spends all of his days looking for the perfect cubic fruits. And what does he do with these? Well, he smashes them, of course! What better way is there to produce fruit juices and smoothies? And while this game doesn’t go so far as to actually smash the fruits, it is definitely an implication that it provides. All of this takes place with the factory worker watching on from the left hand side of the reels. Meanwhile, a black cat lays across the top of the reels at the same time, watching your gameplay.