Game 2000


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Game 2000 Slot

If there was ever an online slot game out there with a classic theme that we want to play, it’s Game 2000. We were fairly certain of this fact before we actually spun its reels. After all, with a title like Game 2000, how can one not be intrigued instantly? And the game doesn’t disappoint as far as the overall gameplay experience goes. When it comes to classic slots, there’s not really much that developers can live up to. Most of them just feature basic gameplay and, if you’re lucky, the inclusion of a single special feature or icon. Game 2000 doesn’t stray hugely away from that path, but it does try to bring a unique feel to the traditional slot theme. And it’s clear that it does this initially by presenting two sets of reels in a single game. And as far as the graphics go, these are quite exceptional for an online slot game with the classic theme.