Highroller Jackpot


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
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Highroller Jackpot Slot

The Highrollers are in town, and they’re ready to flash that cash about. What would be a fortune to most of us is like small change to these guys. They’ll stand by as people look on envious at their flashy cars and high class jets. But don’t feel too jealous. Novomatic wants to give you the opportunity to become one of them, simply by playing the Highroller Jackpot slot. You see, it doesn’t have the word ‘jackpot’ in its title for nothing. There are two huge prizes available for you to win in this one. And it all takes place in the high class, business world of the high rollers. You’ll also find that Novomatic house a strong selection of graphics in this one too. And while it does have quite a generic piece of music in it for its soundtrack, it’s not the usual Novomatic drone. It’s quite a nice jingle instead, giving a bit more of a refreshing edge to the Highroller Jackpot slot.