Lava Loot


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Lava Loot Slot

We’re about to travel back to the time of cavemen. And where did all cavemen live with their families? Near volcanoes, of course! Well, maybe not. But, Lava Loot would have you believe that they did. This one takes you back to the stone age, but it does it in such a fun and funky way. Novomatic really push the boat out with this one, especially as far as the visual side of things go. In the background, you get to see the volcano in question, with smoke billowing out of the top of it. Lava Loot also contains a sort of tribal-sounding piece of music every time you spin the reels. At first, it sounds more like it should be in an African safari game, but it actually suits this game really well. On top of that, you’ll get to see bright colours, vivid gameplay and overall an entertaining offering. But, what exactly does it include as well as the visual side of things?