Monkeys of the Universe


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Monkeys of the Universe Slot

The video package that plays at the beginning of this game is exceptionally intriguing. It’s almost as great as what you would find when sat down at the cinema. It even has the deep, narrative voice to guide you along the game’s story. And once this video is complete, you will find a very colourful and appealing online slot game on display. But, if you don’t want to watch the video introduction, allow us to enlighten you on the basis of this game. It tells the story of a planet on the verge of extinction due to a colossal war. The monkeys of the Universe are on the brink of leaving, but a few strong heroes stay behind. Ready to do battle against their evil nemesis. Perhaps the greatest thing about this game’s overall design, is that it has a very comic-book like appearance. This means that you’ll get to see very intriguing imagery in almost cartoon-form. However, it all tells the story very nicely, providing entertaining and appealing visuals on the whole.