Roller Coaster


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Roller Coaster Slot

What’s your favourite ride at the theme park? The carousel? The big wheel? The teacups? Maybe the log flume? Well, we can tell you that ours is the roller coaster. And most theme parks have more than one of these. Why do we like them? Well, because they’re the ultimate thrill ride. You sit down in your cart, strap yourself in and then it starts. The ride shoots you around a course of loops, twists, turns, dips and rotations! And Novomatic chose to incorporate this ride in to an online slot game, simply known as Roller Coaster. And this slot takes you straight in to the heart of the theme park. You’ll get to see the coaster in question in the background. Meanwhile, the imagery on the reels contain some strong, high quality graphics. It’s a little bit unfortunate that Roller Coaster also contains the Novomatic arcade music as well. This does take away from the slot, but if you utilise the mute button, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.