Xtra Hot


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Xtra Hot Slot Machine

The Xtra Hot Slot could be described as something of a hybrid between a traditional old style slot machine and a modern online casino game, featuring aspects of both. At first look you’ll see that the game features many of the symbols associated with the traditional slot, including of course the cherries, the red sevens, the bars and various other fruits.  These are joined by a black X symbol and a star scatter symbol. Where this slot differs from the traditional slot however, is that the game features an interesting multiplier feature where the wins could become very large indeed.

Graphically it has to be said that this game is nowhere near as good as some of the other casino slots you’ll find online today. In fact, the slot has a real 1980’s feel to it, it being very basic indeed. However, with Novomatic aiming for the traditional feel, the look of this slot will appeal to some. The background to the game is an ‘interesting’ dark pink colour with bolts of lightning moving across it. The accompanying sound is somewhat basic, you’ll hear the reels and they’ll clunk when they stop, with an additional tick-tocking sound after you’ve achieved a win as the game waits for you to gamble or not, as well as some additional tunes after a ‘big win’.

The main feature of the game is the Xtra hot one, where you’ll win a multiplier based upon a number of stacked reels in a row.