7 Sins


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7 Sins Slot

The seven deadly sins make for an amazing base theme as far as slot offerings are concerned. And Play’n Go seem to have found this little nugget of information out too. With it, the developer has brought forth a slot game known as 7 Sins. And in this slot game, all of the deadly sins are in a representative form of a female. It’s quite a genius design idea and the execution of it is thoroughly entertaining. What’s more, as soon as you load the game up, there’s a great sounding piece of music to accompany your spinning. It almost screams out “Deadly Sins” at you as you play. Graphically speaking, it’s a very high quality product, sticking to the strong imagery of Play’n Go. Of course, while the overall theme is definitely on of interest, we do have to wonder how the developer has managed to incorporate the sins properly. After all, how does one provide imagery of envy or wrath, for example? Let’s take a closer look at just exactly what this slot game is able to offer.