Bohemia Joker


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Bohemia Joker Slot

We’re not entirely sure how Play’n Go came up with the title for this slot game. After all, jokers and Bohemia don’t really have much in common at all. Of course, it could be a misspelling of the first word. Perhaps it should be ‘Bohemian’? In this instance, it would relate to a joker who lives an unconventional lifestyle. And, what kind of joker doesn’t live such a life? Strangely enough though, this slot doesn’t seem to take place in an unconventional setting. More-so, it looks like it’s all going down in a café or diner of some kind. The slot manages to merge some classic elements with a more modern day scenario, and everything looks very much hand drawn. The question is, can this game provide as much entertainment as a joker can? Or will it fall flat on its face. The answer is in the playing, which is exactly what we’re going to do. And in doing so, we will also be discovering more about any inbuilt features. So, join us as we take a closer look at this Play’n Go slot option.