Cops ‘n Robbers


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Cops ‘n Robbers Slot

Let’s be honest, the cops and robbers theme has been found in multiple forms of media. It’s been put to use in television shows, big screen films, story books and so much more. And Play’n Go has chosen to incorporate it into this slot offering too. The theme is very much what you’d expect it to be. And the developer has made sure to integrate some intriguing graphics to really sell the idea behind it. There’s a group of robbers who appear to be doing over both a bank and a jewellery store. Of course, the cops aren’t far behind them, managing to catch at least one of the gang in the act. It’s up to you what happens to the guilty party. Do you side with the police and put him behind bars for several years? Or do you choose to release him back into the world, where he has the potential to commit more crimes? It seems like a no brainer question. But, perhaps you’re in on the whole charade and you’re looking for a cut of the robber’s takings. Let’s find out more about this Play’n Go slot!