Enchanted Crystals


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Enchanted Crystals Slot

It’s definitely safe to say that Enchanted Crystals is a very enchanting game on the whole. This is certainly clear from the moment that you load the game up. Vibrant colours can be seen and a very compelling soundtrack can be heard. We have to say that we were immediately drawn to how…beautiful it is, shall we say? The story goes that you’re wandering through a remote area, when you happen across a stunning garden. The vast space is full of fresh, green grass, with blooming flowers and shrubs all around it. As you walk into the garden, eager to see more, you come across various flying creatures. Dragonflies? Hornets? No…they’re fairies, of course! The appearance of such stunning creatures will make you believe that you’ve stepped into a fantasy land. And then, you come across them, the Enchanted Crystals. They’re shining brightly in the middle of the garden. And the fairies are flying around them nervously, intent on defending them from any intruders. From you! So, you’ll need to either work your way around the fairies or charm them into letting you have the crystals. How to do this? Well, perhaps you need to play this Play’n Go slot offering to find out!