Enchanted Meadow


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Enchanted Meadow Slot

Just put yourself in the shoes of an avid rambler. Not someone who talk and talks for hours on end. But someone who enjoys going out and walking in different places. Just imagine that you’re taking a ramble through green fields. Then, something catches your eye to the left. It seems to sparkle amongst all the other surrounding areas. You’re instantly drawn to it and decide to go exploring in that direction. What exactly have you found? Well, if we’re anything to go by, we expect that it’s the Enchanted Meadow. The area is full of fantastical wilderness and creatures. And once you step into the meadow, you can guarantee that you’ll feel the full enchantment. Fairies will fly around you. Talking mice will appear from behind the blades of grass. Huge trees will tower up into the skies, forcing you to gaze up in wonder at them. This is the thrill of the Enchanted Meadow. Of course, where there’s enchantment, there’s also magic. And the magic part of this Play’n Go slot comes in the form of its various special features. These ensure that gameplay is thoroughly entertaining. So, let’s find out what else the slot contains.