Rage to Riches


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Rage to Riches Slot

Rage is not very often something that we think about as being so special. After all, it causes very many problems in the world. However, in this Play’n Go slot game, rage is a very good thing, Why, you may ask? Well, because you can very much turn it into riches. However, it’s not your own rage that you should be looking at. Instead, upon the reels of this game, you’ll see various monsters who are full of rage themselves. Your task is to try and quell their rage and turn that effort into riches. And its not only monetary riches that we’re talking about. You see, there’s a girl appearing on the reels of this game too. She is apparently a singer judging by the microphone in her hand, although she looks quite the damsel in distress. You rescue her from the raging monsters, and you’ll have yourself a girlfriend for life. Rage to Riches is definitely one of those games that gets better as you continue playing it. And that’s thanks to the inclusion of a few special features as well. These are something that Play’n Go does very well. So, if you’re ready to try and quash some furious beasts, let’s find out what Rage to Riches has to offer.