Troll Hunters


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Troll Hunters Slot

There are a bundle of trolls terrorising the Northern lands. They will charge across the plains and mountains, tackling anyone and anything in their way. They cause destruction and will stop at nothing in their search for meaty food. However, a group of Vikings are banding together in order to eliminate this threat. And that’s where you come into action. Joining up with the Vikings, you’ll need to put your best fighting skills to work. So, what’s your weapon of choice? A sword? Perhaps a bow and arrow? A spear? Or maybe a pair of rapiers? Whatever your preference is, you’ll need to expertly wield it to rid the lands of these trolls. And fortunately, because this is a Play’n Go slot, you will also have a little bit of help. Trolls, after all, are no laughing matter, so the specialities from the developer should give you a bit of a boost. Of course, everything that occurs within Troll Hunters is presented in the highest quality of graphics. So, if you’re ready to grab your weapon, throw on some furs and accessories and go off troll hunting, then let’s get to it!