Wild Blood


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Wild Blood Slot

Journeys through dark and mysterious forests are creepy enough as it is, but imagine coming across an old house in the process. It’s currently falling into ruin, with the roof partially caved in and old wooden door and window frames rotting away. However, your curiosity gets the better of you, and you decide to push forward inside. Perhaps you’ll be able to find shelter from the light rain and dark night within. Yes, that’s right. Wait it out inside in some safe corner until the dawn breaks. What could possibly go wrong with such a plan? Well, generally speaking nothing. Unless vampires are around. And you can bet that in a slot game known as Wild Blood, they will most definitely be around. That’s the theme behind this Play’n Go offering – vampires. And as we all know, vampires need blood to survive. Your blood! They’re always in search of a flesh human to feast upon. You’re going to need all of your wits, adrenaline and quick thinking to escape from this one alive. The house won’t provide much solace from the creatures – it’s actually where they reside. Sleeping in the daytime and only emerging when the black of night appears.