Ace Ventura


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Ace Ventura Slot

For those gamers who lived some of their most precious years in the 90s, Ace Ventura should ring a bell. If you didn’t see the movie, then allow us to enlighten you on it. Coming to cinemas in 1994, Jim Carrey took on the titular role Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He would reprise the role in 1995 for a sequel. Ventura is a Miami-based private detective who specialises in the retrieval of missing animals. In the first movie, Ace has to rescue a stolen dolphin whilst preventing the kidnapping of Dan Marino. And in the follow up film, Ace fails to rescue a raccoon and turns to monasticism. Both of the films are full of comedy moments, thanks to Ace’s eccentric ways. Both of the movies were financial and commercial successes. And of course, leave it to Playtech to create a slot game surrounding it! The comedy and fun continues on through this game, leaving you with a thoroughly entertaining offering!