Bermuda Triangle


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Bermuda Triangle Slot

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s Triangle, and that’s with good reason. A number of aircraft and ships are said to have gone missing within the area. It’s known as such, because it forms a triangle shape between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda. The earliest suggestion of unusual disappearances in this area came to light way back in 1950. And of course, what makes for a better slot theme than a mysterious location in the world? Well, Playtech obviously think this way, presenting this slot game with the title of Bermuda Triangle. This one takes on a more classic and traditional design, so it’s a little bit less impressive than many of the other Playtech games. However, within the classic slot world, it’s probably one of the better offerings. The slot still contains some impressive enough graphics – for a game of such a genre. However, we’re very much interested in finding out about its inbuilt features.