Dr. Lovemore


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Dr. Lovemore Slot

What do you do when you’re hopelessly in love with someone, but you don’t have the nerve to tell them? Well, if this Playtech game is anything to go by, you should visit Dr. Lovemore. He will fix you up with some love potions and all of the attributes necessary to woo your love. Whether that’s flowers, champagne or chocolates, this doctor has all of the suggestions. And he’s looking quite swanky himself. Hair slicked back. Flashy suit on. A pearly white smile. You can only learn from the best! Yes, this Playtech slot brings a whole lot of humour to its reels, ensuring that you get thorough entertainment from spinning its reels. And it does this by providing high quality graphics. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any kind of special soundtrack to go with the game. So, instead, you’ll get to hear generic sounds as you spin the reels. However, this is a minor issue with the slot that we have. Other than this, everything from a first impression stand point is quite impressive.