Forest of Wonders


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Forest of Wonders Slot

We knew that we were in for a treat the first time that we played Playtech’s Forest of Wonders. However, we didn’t know exactly what kind of treat until we began playing it. While it does take you into the forest and provide you with a great amount of wonders, there’s a lot more to this game. You see, it also brings in the theme of Alice in Wonderland at the same time. So, the icons upon the reels are all relative to the things that Alice experiences while in Wonderland. That being said, it makes for a great merger of two separate themes coming together in a single slot offering. And with it being a Playtech game, these themes are very nicely on display. The graphics are thoroughly appealing, while the inclusive special features make it even more entertaining. Overall, from a first impression stand point, Forest of Wonders is exceptionally attractive. But, let’s find out more about the game’s inbuilt special features.