Gem Heat


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Gem Heat Slot

It’s become quite common for us to now hear a slot game with the word ‘Gem’ in it and instantly have negative thoughts. Why? Well, because the vast majority of these types of games are very basic and follow a classic slot setup. However, Gem Heat from Playtech does steer away from that sort of design, from a first impressions point of view. For a start, the graphics are much more advanced than what you can expect from a traditional slot machine game. In fact, it presents a very impressive visual treat on the whole. And even though the icons upon the reels may be quite generic in form, it doesn’t matter. The graphics are of the highest quality and make gameplay all that much more entertaining. Furthermore, there’s quite a pleasing soundtrack in the game too. So, every time that you spin the reels, you’ll have something to excite your ears. All in all, from a first impression stand point, this game is very appealing.