Goblin’s Cave


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Goblin’s Cave Slot

We all know from lore and legend and even perhaps from some of our favorite children’s stories that goblins are usually the characters, who collect money and riches for whatever reason. No, hoard would probably be a better word, because they don’t spend it. Anyway, we know goblins to be very greedy and always have a lot of treasure hidden away somewhere. So, who better to go to if you want to get some cash? Goblin’s Cave by software manufacturer Playtech may just be able to offer you the one in a lifetime opportunity to take some gold from right under one such goblin’s nose. And it won’t even be as difficult as you think. This is an overly simplistic online slot game with an unbelievably high return to player rate. The backdrop will show you all the mountains of gold coins and other riches. And just beside the reels, which are by the way a well, there will be the old goblin standing.