Neptune’s Kingdom


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Neptune’s Kingdom Slot

Neptune, in Roman religion, was the god of freshwater and the sea. He’s basically the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Poseidon. Depictions of Neptune in Roman mosaics, especially those of North Africa, are influenced by Hellenistic conventions. Not only that, but he was worshipped by the Romans as a god of horses. However, as it stands, this slot game takes you deep under the waters. Right into Neptune’s own kingdom. It’s brought to our screens by Playtech, but it’s not one of the developer’s most extensive slots. Instead, it presents players with a classic online slot offering, providing three reels as a layout. And while the icons upon the reels are very thematically relevant, they don’t feature the highest quality graphics. As it stands, from a first impression point of view, Neptune’s Kingdom doesn’t have a whole lot of visual appeal. Especially considering the mass of other slot games that are available online to play. Of course, there’s little doubt that this is one of the developer’s older releases, which would explain the inclusive graphics and features.