Panther Moon


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Panther Moon Slot

Imagine being out in the forest late at night. The darkness has fallen all around you, but yet the moon shines bright, illuminating your way. The trees all around you bring an eeriness to the night-time forest. And creatures of the night make their nocturnal sounds as well. Then, in the distance, you’re able to see something moving. Its only visible by the piercing yellow of its eyes. It’s fast. And it’s quite deadly. What is it? A panther! Perfectly disguised under its jet black coat, the panther can stalk through the night in perfect silence. Hunting out its prey. And that’s exactly the kind of excitement that you’ll get when playing Panther Moon from Playtech. It takes you deep into the forest at night, where you’ll need to watch your step and tread as quietly as possible. Otherwise, you could end up becoming the panther’s evening meal! Playtech is, of course, known for having stellar graphics in its games. Panther Moon is once more able to prove this.