Sweet Party


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Sweet Party Slot

We can say in all honesty, and with no shame, that we have a huge sweet tooth! We love candies, chocolates, gummies, cakes and everything that has been cram-packed with sugar. Obviously, the team at Playtech love such treats as well, because Sweet Party is all about such food items. And the game takes place inside a candy dispenser. You know the sort, where you put a coin in to a slot, twist the handle and a handful of jellies fall out? So, we have to admit that we were instantly hooked to this game when we first saw it. And, of course, the graphics are very much a stellar part of the game too. Then again, it is a Playtech slot after all. What’s even better about this game, is that it also contains a progressive jackpot. So, while you’re licking your lips at all of the sweets on the screen, you could stand a chance of winning a huge pay out! But let’s find out exactly what the reels of Sweet Party offer up to players.