The Love Boat


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The Love Boat Slot

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the theme behind this slot, allow us to enlighten you a little. The Love Boat was an American television series which was set aboard a cruise ship. It ran from 1977 until 1986 on the ABC network. It had a focus on the ship’s captain, Merrill Stubing and several of the liner’s crew. Various passengers would end up on the boat in each episode, having romantic and often humorous adventures together. It is this television series which brought the idea to Playtech to craft an online slot game in the same vein. Therefore, you’ll get to see the good captain and several characters from the series on this game’s reels. Of course, every television show has its own theme song as well, which is what you’ll hear while you play it. So, the question that remains, is would you like to have a ride on The Love Boat? Let’s find out more about this Playtech slot offering.