Thrill Seekers


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Thrill Seekers Slot

Do you think of yourself as being a thrill seeker? Someone who will go to any length to achieve their nextr adrenaline high? Perhaps you enjoy diving out of planes and free falling before opening your parachute. Maybe you’re a fan of driving huge monster trucks and performing stunts in them. Or it could be that you like bungee jumping from bridges or tall buildings. Whatever your favourite thrill is, Playtech would like you to try another one. Rollercoasters and other theme park attractions. Speaking about ourselves, we love settling down into a coaster seat and being strapped in. As you prepare yourself, the carriages launch off around the track. You climb and you dive. You shunt and you spin. Theme parks are amazing places to be at, which is something that comes across very nicely in this slot. And everything that appears in the game features exceptionally high quality graphics. And, of course, there are one or two thrilling perks within the slot as well, as befits a Playtech game.