A Switch in Time


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A Switch in Time Slot Machine

A Switch in Time is a game based around the theme of time travel, based upon the ‘Time Machine’ novel written by H.G.Wells in the late nineteenth century. On the reels you’ll find both time related symbols and  icons related to the 19th century era, including a pocket watch, a carriage clock, an hourglass, parchments and ink, a carriage, a wine decanter and adapted spectacles.  The inventor and a female companion also appear alongside their time machine, these three being the most important symbols in the game. The highlights of the slot are the impressive free spins round and the bonus round, where you’ll travel back or forward in time.

The title featuring a clock face stands proudly above the reels, the word ‘Time’ in a swishy style which suggests speed. In the background you’ll find various cogs and gears which represent the workings of the time machine, the entire game in a dark grey colour scheme that perfectly fits with the industrial era when the book was written. The win line markers do add a nice splattering of colour to the reels however, which is added to by the cartoon style symbols – the stern looking inventor being the most eye catching symbol perhaps. Throughout your time at the slot you’re accompanied by a gentle metronomic tune, perfectly fitting for the theme of the game.