Atomic Age


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Atomic Age Slot Machine

The Atomic age is described as the period after the detonation of the first atomic bomb, encompassing an era through the 1950’s when invention using this new power was seen to be the order of the day. This slot harks back to this time, using a number of relevant symbols to the era, including early TVs and record players, pink convertible cars, rocket ship designs and imagined flying saucers. The bottle of fizzy drink, ice cream and blancmange found on the reels also relate to the era, in a time where a trip to the Diner would be a large part of people’s lives. Somewhat unusually for a modern Rival Gaming slot, there is no free spins feature; instead you’ll find two separate bonus games.

The design of the slot is much like a TV of the age, with a brown wooden frame and the controls found beneath the screen. Despite the reels having a grey background, this slot is filled with colour, the symbols bringing much yellow, red and blue to the game, all of these with a soft, pastel feel that was predominate at the time. Despite the vintage theme, the slot has a very modern air – this might be because of the incredibly speedy spinning of the reels or the relative smoothness of the gameplay, or a combination of both.  Each win is met by an ‘atomic ‘ sound, the kind of sound you might have heard in an early sci-fi movie, while a general casino hubbub plays throughout your time at the game.