Best of Luck


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Best of Luck Slots

For a slot with a luck based theme, this slot certainly has a strange opening, more akin to a horror story. Here you’ll find a male figure entering a dark attic, his footsteps loud on the stone steps, while insects and spiders scurry about in the dark room. It’s not until he finds and opens a treasure chest to reveal gleaming gold that the ‘luck’ theme takes shape. Upon entering the game itself, you’ll find a selection of luck based symbols on the reels, which include four leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, ladybirds and wishbones. You’ll also find a set of keys which you’ll use to unlock the treasure chest. The highlight of the game is a free spins feature where each and every spin is accompanied by an added bonus, with a chance of gaining extra spins by winning these bonuses.

The backdrop to the reels shows the same attic scene in the opening, although it’s not quite as dark. Shelves and ancient pictures line the walls, while crates are piled up across the floor. This all gives the game a slightly drab brown look which is contrasted by the colour of the symbols, the control panel and the win line indicators – but this contrast isn’t particularly easy on the eye. The symbols are drawn well however and have added animation when forming part of a win line. The accompanying twinkling, almost Christmassy sound is a little repetitive and will soon have you reaching for the mute button!