Bust A Vault


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
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Bust A Vault Slot Machine

The first thing you will notice about this classic 3 reel slot from Rival Gaming is the atmospheric music playing in the background. This is like a heartbeat, mixed with some stirring classical (almost movie soundtrack) type effects. The vaults in question for this game are bank safes, and you’ll see a pile of them behind the main logo at the top of the screen. This theme, combined with the music gives the feel of danger – you expect a black-clad robber to turn up at any moment!

Bust A Vault is a decidedly modern looking 3 reel slot compared to many of other games of this type. The graphics are excellent, with the smart pay table over on the left hand side and the logo above the reels on the right. The reels are a good size, and feature small animations like a sparkle effect moving around the reels when you hit a win. The predominant colours are green (the logo) and grey (the back of the reels and the safes). When you hit wins the symbols will light up, and the place on the pay table which signifies you wins win will start to flash.

Safes are the top symbol in this game; these are green on the reels, in contrast to the already opened grey ones in the logo. This is the only unique symbol on the reels, with the others being the classic slot signs of fruits and bars.

When you click spin the music continues, and there is no particular spinning sound. The reels come to a stop with a gentle computer generated ping. As is usual for 3 reel games, the symbols will not always line up neatly on the centre line.