Chicken Little


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Chicken Little Slots

Chicken Little is a children’s story, in which a young chicken causes panic among a lot of other animals by believing that the sky was falling down. It turned out that an acorn hit him on the head, and I fuzzily recall a close shave with a fox being involved at the end too. This 3-reel slot from Rival gaming based on the Chicken Little theme does not exactly give you an interactive storyline, though it does have some of the original elements.

The reels are squeezed down in the bottom right of this slot – they do feel a little cramped down there. The right hand side is taken up by a large pay table, which shows the different prizes for 1, 2 or 3 coins. Above the reels on the left hand side is a cartoon like graphic, which shows Chicken Little, another chicken and a Canada goose all running away – with the acorns from the story falling among them. The design of the symbols is colourful, with bright colours over a white background. Like on all Rival Gaming’s 3-reel slots, the curve of the reels has been reproduced in the graphics.

On the reels you will find 3 different bar symbols (the standard 1, 2 and 3 bars), acorns, the bigger chicken, goose and Chicken Little – which is the highest paying symbol and also the wild. These symbols will not always line up on the single win-line, and when they do and you win a prize, the appropriate number will flash on and off by on the pay table.

When you spin the reels you will hear a boogie-woogie piano play – this is actually a very nice tune, though only ever happens in short bursts as the reels spin very quickly. There is a harmless ‘bink’ noise as each of the reels comes to a stop.