Costume Party


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Costume Party Slot

While 5 reel (or more) slots give a lot of scope with new ideas and bonus games – 3 reel games are mostly the realm of traditional, straightforward slots. This one is very different, as you will notice as soon as you see the cartoon-like introduction video. The theme is a costume party (fancy dress party). Instead of symbols on reels, you’ll need to match the head, body and legs of different costumes in order to score wins. This turns the perspective of the slot on its side – the body parts come in from the side, and wins are from top to bottom (you’ll complete a whole character). There is a big element of humour in this game – you’ll end up with a knight with stockinged legs – or a robot with chicken feet and a Frankenstein head.

The setting of costume party is against some speakers with beer bottles and paper decorations and balloons on a brick wall. There is a bright logo on the top of the slot and a pump of some kind for the spin button. The costumed characters are big and bold, dominating the centre of the slot. When you spin these become a blur, settling at a new (and often strange) combination of characters very quickly. A funky tune plays in the background, this is varied enough not to get repetitive. You’ll hear a cartoon like whirlwind noise when you hit the spin button.

Graphically, the best part happens when you complete a character. These get a spotlight, while the other (mixed) characters disappear. You’ll be treated to sights like a giant chicken dancing, or a nurse waving her syringe. As an addition, the characters go from greyed out to bright on the pay table. This is known as your ‘guest list’.