Diamonds Down Under


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Diamonds Down Under Slot Machine

Diamonds Down Under is a slot based around all things Australian. The opening of the game shows a stereotypical Australian figure wearing a hat with corks hanging down and looking much like Crocodile Dundee. He drives a car across the rocky terrain of the outback, before parking up and entering a diamond mine, complete with a mini rail track.  This sets the scene nicely for the slot where you’ll find a mixture of Australian wildlife and characters and as a curveball, a can of Fosters!  The highlights of this slot are the two bonus features – one where you’ll enjoy a good number of free spins, while the other offers the chance to mine for diamonds.

The same rocky outback scene from the credits greets your time at the slot, the orange rocks rising up to the bright blue sky. The reels are backed by a brown fabric showing a mixture of aboriginal symbols, while the win line indicators found either side of the reels add a nice splash of colour to the slot. All of the animals, which include a crocodile, a koala and a kangaroo and the two human characters are framed within a circular patterned symbol, while a boomerang, a map and the can complete the symbols.  The soundtrack features a good mix of native sounds, including of course, the Didgeridoo.