Fixer Upper


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Fixer Upper Slot

The Fixer Upper slot is all about handymen and women who are as equally adept with a paintbrush, as they are with a spanner, a saw or a hammer. This ‘iSlot’ series game features two central characters in a dark haired goateed man wearing a red cap and a blonde haired lady in a white visor, both happy to get their hands dirty. Alongside the two you’ll find all of the tools used in the trade and before you’ve finished playing you’ll be doing some DIY yourself! This is during the bonus round where you’ll change the rusty piping, while a free spins round also offers the chance for some welcome added wins.

The look of the game is that of a house that is in much need of improvement. The title is a hastily hammered together set of wooden planks, while the reels are framed by some very discoloured pipes held together by adhesive tape in places. Despite the backing of the symbols being grey, the slot is actually very colourful, with the win line indicators and the symbols all being designed in rich shades. Each of these symbols is drawn in a cartoon style which is added to by animation when they form part of a win line. A jaunty, rhythmic theme plays throughout your time at the slot, certainly giving the feeling of elbow grease being applied at whichever job is on hand at the time.