Flea Market


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Flea Market Slot Machine

This 3 reel slot from Rival Gaming is based on the pun about a flea market being somewhere to buy second hand goods – and a number of actual fleas being at a market. It is a simple yet entertaining game, with some quirky animations (of fleas) and the chance of a big win – with 10,000 coins possible for the highest paying symbols. Graphically, this is not the most up to date of the Rival Gaming 3 reel games – though that should not stop you enjoying what is a solid enough slot.

The main graphic on the reels is a market scene with some giant fleas involved in a transaction at a stall, while a smaller flea lounges, enjoying a lollipop. The big fleas are well dressed with the buyer wearing a top hat and the seller an apron. This is at the top right of the screen, and the reels are situated below that. These are simple white, with only a hint of the curved look which online 3-reel slots like to use to mimic the traditional mechanical games. There is a little shading and light work. To the left is a pay table, which shows the 2 rows of pay-outs for 1 and 2 coins – at the bottom of this you will find details of the wild symbols (rings).

On the reels you will find a real mix of symbols. The top paying diamond rings are the one you’d like to see most. There is a chest of drawers, lollipop with a red spiral on a white background, and the 3 bar symbols (single, double and triple). When you hit a winning combination bigger than the lowest ranking single lollipop, fleas will appear moving across the bottom of the screen, the top of the reels and even jumping down from the top through the middle reel to the bottom, before moving off. These will sometimes hold the lollipops.

While you play there is a hectic background track, which I am sure is trying to sound like a bunch of fleas at a market. There is a beep-beep from a keyboard, along with a lot of indistinct chatter and laughter. When you spin the reels the whirr and bink noises are from the standard Rival Gaming library – with a ‘dring’ like someone quickly moving over a xylophone when you get a win.