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Goldenman Slots

You have to hand it to the Rival Gaming team; their subtle sense of humour often shines through in their slot titles. Goldenman is a great example, with the theme based on a slightly crazy version of Ironman. There are supporting characters (Fools Gold, Lorna Load and Tim Carat) and a bonus round where you get to shoot down jets. While not laugh out loud funny, this slot is certainly entertaining – and the expanding wilds give you the opportunity to win big during the regular game too.

As you might expect from a slot called Goldenman, the design for this game is decidedly golden (and red). The slightly industrial looking logo at the top of the reels sets the scene, with a mechanical look to the sides of the game and even the grid of the reels. Symbols are large, cramming the space for each and giving the slot a distinctive look. You will find several different views of Goldenman, including a full-face, from above and profile with clenched fist. The other characters all get their own symbol. You will find a pile of gold bricks, futuristic looking gun and an atom symbol too.

Animations vary, some of them (Lorna Load winking for example) are small and subtle. Others like the rocket take-off for the expanding wilds are bigger and bolder. The main animated sequence comes in the break out bonus game, where you’ll shoot the (static) jets. There is a dark and almost ominous backing track, with a drumroll when you spin the reels and cymbal crash when you hit a winning combination.