Grandma’s Attic


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Grandma’s Attic Slot

This is one of the earlier 5 reel slots produced by Rival Gaming. The intro video shows a chubby child being sent into the scary attic by Grandma, only to find some gold coins when he gets there. You’ll find a plain and retro looking slot, though there is a free spins bonus round and a pick-em break out game to keep you engaged. The top prize of 7500 coins during regular play also helps to keep the interest levels high.

I can understand the mix of treasure and cobwebs plus rats in the design of this game – they are trying to create that sinister feel of the attic, mixed with the allure of treasure. What I do not quite understand is the use of bright fruit symbols alongside! That aside, you’ll find cobwebs in the top corners and a green logo on top of the reels. All of the symbols are inside circles, which spin over a plain grey background. The highlights of these include a big rat (complete with wedge of cheese), dusty old sofa, a skeleton, a crown, red jewel and sinister looking skull / key combination. Those fruits are bright by contrast and include oranges, lemons, purple pineapples, apples and cherries.

There are no animations as such (at least outside of the break out bonus game). Instead you’ll get boxes appear around the winning combinations, which flash. There are some ambient creaky noises along with the electronic beeps which accompany your spins and wins.