Metal Detector


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Metal Detector Slots

There is something inherently exciting about using a metal detector. Having found a spot where the detector is going crazy, you’ll know that you’ve found something, but is that something hugely valuable or is it just an old can of coke? This slot takes a look at the more glamorous side of the hobby, with gold coins, treasure chests, jewellery, golden goblets and even ancient guns all appearing on the reels, making the ‘metal dude’ character at the game clearly a master of his art. This slot has two distinct bonus features in a map based free spins round and a game where you’ll use the metal detector on a beach.

The standout symbol of this game is the Metal Dude who makes an appearance both on the reels and within the bold orange title. He wears headphones and a visor and presses one finger to his temple, indicating that he is ‘in the know’ when it comes to uncovering the most valuable metal. One thing that is certain is that he is clearly better at metal detecting than he is at choosing shirts! Graphically, the game isn’t the best you’ll find online, as each of the symbols is somewhat basic, while there is a lack of animation on the reels. The accompanying sound to the slot is that of a seaside scene, where you can clearly hear both the metal detector in action while cries of seagulls pierce the air.