Nuclear Fishin’


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Nuclear Fishin’ Slot Machine

There is an intro video for this slot which sets the scene of the theme nicely. You’ll see a nuclear power plant, then a boat taking the radioactive material away. Some of glowing barrels then fall off the boat, causing mutations in the fish swimming by. The obvious humour is a little tainted by thoughts that this has probably already happened in real life! What you end up with is a quirky 5-reel type of slot based on an underwater scene with mutated fish, octopi and the odd casket of nuclear waste. There is a free spins bonus round, and also a ‘going nuclear’ no lose feature within that.

The setup is transparent, which means you’ll see the mutant coral reef, complete with glowing green patches, when the reels spin. There are some nice bubble effects too. What immediately catches your eye are the crazy fish. These are multi-coloured and would not look out of place in a TV cartoon. The jellyfish with eyes on stalks is my personal favourite, though you might prefer the bright pink crab, octopus with a single giant eye or lumpy pink fish instead. Each symbol has its own small animation when it is involved in a win. These can be elaborate, for example the snorkeler becoming a wild reel, complete with barrel of nuclear waste and bubbles. There is a strange mix of sounds, including computer generated tunes for when you spin (and a different one for when you hit the free spins).  You’ll hear bubbly sound effects too.