One Million Reels BC


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


One Million Reels BC Slot Machine

This 3-reel slot from Rival Gaming takes you back to a time when dinosaurs and cave-men roamed the earth. Overlooking the small historical anomaly (the dinosaurs died out millions of years before the men arrived after all), you have an entertaining a humorous game with one main area of focus – the big progressive jackpot. Unlike many 3 reel games, this one has 5 winning lines. What One Million Reels BC does share with the other 3 reelers is that you’ll need to bet the maximum number of coins to be in with a shot at winning the jackpot.

The first thing you’ll note when this game loads are the two blinking dinosaurs. There is a purple one with a long neck to the left of the reels, and what looks like a triceratops to the right. Both of these add a little life and character to the game by blinking now and again – though they do not move or interact with the game in any way otherwise.

Above the reels you will find the most important part of the game – the current jackpot amount. This goes up fairly rapidly as players play the game online from various locations.

Unlike on many 3 reel games, the pay table is not immediately visible. Instead there are buttons at the top corners (these simply say ‘pay table’) which bring a drop-down graphic showing the different pay-outs. This is split into 1, 2 and 3 coin prizes. The button then changes to ‘hide pay table’ and clicking it again lets the graphic move up slowly to the top of the screen.

Beneath the jackpot amount is the logo, which sits on top of the reels. These are slightly curved looking and have a faint lighter grey marking on the grey reel background showing the 5 different winning lines. These are the 3 rows of symbols from left to right, and the diagonals starting at the top and bottom left hand symbol.

Symbols on the reels are a mix of eggs (smaller and larger), a cave man and cave woman and a t-rex. These are drawn in a cartoon-like way, and have small animations (for example the eggs will crack when they form part of a winning combination).

Sound effects are dominated by the distant moaning ‘roar’ of a dinosaur. This is a little too frequent for me, and comes over the top of some ambient bird / insect type sounds. When you spin the reels a sound effect which could be speeded up banjos plays, with a hollow thud as each reel stops.