Panda Party


$7,777 welcome package
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Panda Party Slot

The Panda is one of planet’s most loved animals, the big black patches around the eyes and ears giving the creature a cute and cuddly look. Sadly the Panda is now an endangered species, with estimates stating that there are just 2,000 to 3,000 still in existence. This slot by Rival features one of these Pandas, although it has to be said that this one isn’t backward at coming forward. This Panda is happy to pose and dance and be the centre of attention, so it’s no wonder that this larger than life character has his own slot! This title is part of the impressive iSlots range by Rival Gaming. iSlot titles have interactive or sequential bonus rounds, and sometimes include games with an element of skill.

You’d expect a Panda based slot to have a Panda as a symbol on the reels, but here the same Panda actually has five different symbols. Three of these symbols look like he has taken a selfie (yes, he is THAT type of Panda), one sitting and posing with bamboo leaves and a final one where he lies on his back with his backside in the air! Alongside the Panda, the game has a definite oriental theme, with dragons, lanterns and vases also found on the reels. Bamboo shoots and leaves line the slot, making the game a predominantly green colour, although the playing card symbols in red make for a nice contrast on the reels. An up tempo Far Eastern tune plays throughout, which certainly adds to the game, while each spin is met by a whooshing sound that sees stars appear on each of the reels.