Wild Carnival


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Wild Carnival Slot

You’ll get some hints as to the setting for this slot at the start of the intro video. This shows a crowd and some giant puppets (one looks a little like Ronald Regan). Around half way through, a foot shows at first and then the full dancers – revealing that this slot is themed around the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Garish would be an understatement for the designs of the reels. Lots of clashing colours are involved. There is plenty of action in this game, including a free spins bonus round, break out game where you help a dancer complete her costume and a progressive ‘bead bonus’ game too.

I found it hard to make out the symbols from the background at first. The frame and reels blend together in a cascade of colours, stars and movement. To the top left you’ll see the bead bonus counter, with the pay table accessed via a button on the top right. Line controls (the default for this game is 50 lines) are either side of the reels. These are transparent, showing a carnival background when you spin.

Symbols add yet more garish colour to the slot. There is a mask, peacock feather head dress, trumpet with musical notes, beads, a tambourine, steel drum and many playing card symbols too, each in green, purple and yellow. When you hit a win you get a short samba like tune, and the symbols you won with will flash within a box. There are better animations for the features. When the bead bonus triggers it will start to rain coins and the break out bonus involves dressing up a cartoon dancer.