3D Slots
The whole concept of 3D has been fascinating people since it was first used in the movies in the 1950s. Over sixty years later, the idea has enjoyed a massive growth in use and popularity and as well as being used in films, we now have hugely entertaining 3D slot games.

BetSoft are the main company that produce 3D slot games and they really do give the player a fantastic experience when playing them. It’s a bit like the massive improvement in the graphics for computer games in recent years. Instead of just playing a slot game with some impressive graphics, 3D games such as ‘Mamma Mia‘ almost come alive in front of your very eyes. Don’t worry though you won’t have to put some silly glasses on to be able to see all the action.

‘Mamma Mia’ doesn’t have anything to do with the musical based on Abba songs and there’s definitely no dodgy singing by Pierce Brosnan here. Instead its theme is Italian cooking and the chef is the hero of the story. The game begins with an introduction that shows the chef working away in his kitchen and this sets the scene for the game. When the game actually begins the chef is in front of the reels and he moves around reacting to the spins while trying to get a bit more cooking sorted out.

The Sterling Silver 3D game from Microgaming has symbols popping out at you. With this game though you do need some 3D glasses.

Watch Those Symbols Move
With 3D Slots you’re guaranteed quality graphics both with the images and animation. As well as the games usually including a lead character in front of the reels, there’s animation involved with the symbols on the reels too. For example, the 3D slot game ‘Greedy Goblins‘ doesn’t just have a goblin in front of the reels, there’s also excellent animation that sees coins dropping down from the reels and being caught by yet more goblins. No static symbols that just sit there looking pretty, here the symbols come to life in front of your very eyes.

When playing the 3D slot games you do need to check that the game is compatible with the device that you intend playing the game, whether it be your smart phone. Mac or Windows.

Moving to the Next Level
The whole thing about 3D games is that they take the slot game to another level. It’s not just a case of playing  a game and trying to win some money, it’s like watching a film.They really come into their own when introducing bonus games and special features. Second screen games can be really exciting to play and the graphics and animation are great to watch. You can even have fun by not playing the game. The 3D character in front of the reels will start to move around if you take too much time between spins.

Heaven knows what slot games will look like in a decade’s time. The introduction of 3D slots with their animation and story-telling potential have really changed the way slot games look.