Amazon Queen


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Amazon Queen Slot

The Amazon rainforest is the largest area of jungle land in the world, spreading through nine different territories. So, it’s only natural that there should be at least one queen within the area. Fortunately, WMS seems to know this too, and that’s where the Amazon Queen slot comes in. As you take a journey through the Amazon lands, you’ll be in search of this queen. Not many people have had the privilege of seeing her and even fewer have ever managed to meet with her face to face. However, this slot does give you the opportunity to do so. You’ll need to cross through some harsh terrain first though, and there are numerous animals within the rainforest. These creatures will need to be bypassed swiftly and quietly, so you’ll definitely need all of your wits about you. Fortunately, WMS has also chosen to add some impressive special features into the game too. So, your passage through the rainforest will be a little bit easier with these. It’s a little bit unfortunate though, that the development team hasn’t taken it upon themselves to add any decent sounds. Instead, the game contains some fairly basic and almost arcade noises while you spin.