Cluedo: Spinning Detectives


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Cluedo: Spinning Detectives Slot

If you haven’t ever had the opportunity to play the game Cluedo in any format, then you’ve missed out. First coming to light as a board game where players had to try and solve a murder. It was always necessary to uncover the murderer, the murder weapon and the room of the house that the murder took place in. Since the board game release, it has gone on to become the theme of several different offerings. These range from television shows, to video games and more. And thanks to WMS, it’s also available to play in a slot game format as well. Cluedo: Spinning Detectives provides you with all of the necessary tools to explore the site of a murder and uncover the mystery behind who did it. And not only that, but you’ll get to join up with some interesting characters along the way. They will assist you in finding out who committed such a heinous crime. Fortunately, the slot has also had some of WMS’s best imagery incorporated into it. So, you’ll have both a stunning visual treat and exceptional gameplay at the same time. And in addition to that, there are one or two specialities that you’ll be able to enjoy. So, let’s move on and find out what more this game holds.