Crystal Forest


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Crystal Forest Slot

A Crystal Forest sounds like such a magical place to be in, right? As you walk through it, it’s not trees and shrubs that create the place, it’s crystals. Small ones, large ones, wide ones, thin ones, opaque ones, transparent ones. Crystals of all different kinds. And they’re all sparkling and gleaming in the sunlight. Of course, this is quite an extreme version of a Crystal Forest. However, this WMS slot brings that theme tone a little bit down, so you’re able to witness something a bit less wintry feeling. While this forest does have crystals aplenty in it, it also contains trees and foliage of all sorts of varieties too. It’s a very mystical location, and you get to wander through it without a care in the world. Of course, it’s all too tempting to try and remove some of the crystals and take them back home with you. However, there are some magical creatures to stop you from getting greedy with the make up of the forest. So, as your hand goes to snatch on, a fairy might pop and stop you. Or a unicorn could appear bearing its horn at you. The idea, after all, of this forest, is to go on a magical journey!