Fire Queen


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Fire Queen Slot

Is you ask, we’re not entirely sure why anyone would go in search of a woman who can set them ablaze. That’s exactly what the Fire Queen is able to do, considering the huge, fiery flames bursting from her hand. However, there must be something that you require her help for, which is why you’re in search of her. Naturally, she’s not just going to show herself at your beck and call. And even if she does appear, there’s nothing to say that she will provide you with any assistance. You’ll probably need to be very sweet to her and offer her something in return to get her help. Fortunately, the slot is able to offer up some special features, thanks to the inclusions by WMS. And this might just be the key that you need to getting the Fire Queen to align with you. Before you reach her, you’ll have to go through some challenging obstacles. However, fear not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And with the Fire Queen at the end of the obstacles, there’s nothing to stop you from pressing on. Let’s find out everything about this WMS slot before playing it.